Looking for the Setting with No Son

February 26, 2010
By Gellzandquill18 BRONZE, Flint, Michigan
Gellzandquill18 BRONZE, Flint, Michigan
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She dreamt of men with full love.
She hoped for men who knew the difference between the hawks and doves.
While they searched for their calves,
She had to decide.

Contemplate what to be
And who would come to love her.
She dreamt of "sweetly hewn men."
Men avoidant of horrific thoughts
But capable of tumultuos and intuitive love.

But this man never came.
There would be no suitors at the door,
Not a single one.
The makeshift decisions,left a majority of her with nothing but doubt.

Simple pleasures must have done her in.
The intiation of her fall,
Was not at all hard to begin.
The heart on the floor and
The open pores reflected her mental faults.

The unkempt home left her on hot sand.
Her heart dripped with love and
as the drippings spread like wings,
vipers formed within the puddles and roamed the land.

And all the while she walked,
She never noticed the venomous stings.
Capitulation was not easy
But at the place where the firmaments part
She fell to her knees venerating its sight.

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