The Fog of Pain

February 26, 2010
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Through the fog of pain I can smell your aroma,
Sweet to my nose, allowing me to drift into this soothing coma.
My eyes drift shut, weary from the world around me,
And immediately the waves of dreams overflow like the sea.
Each one consists of nothing but your light,
The one that has guided me through these restless nights.
In my dreams you are so close by my side,
Holding me tight and so in this illusion of love I confide.
I never want to leave this place,
Because it’s the only place anymore that I can see your face.
It’s been so long since I’ve felt your presence,
Been so long since my heart and soul could bathe in your essence.
Each day grows longer now that I’m alone,
And each day the realization sets in deeper that I’m on my own.
If I could, I would run as far as I can go,
To find you and hold you forever and make this love so.
I know that I must prove myself to you,
And if I can’t manage that then my world will turn blue.
So this is where I leave you, a message of my love,
Just remember I’m here faithfully waiting for my angel from above.

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