The World

February 23, 2010
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The world,
The world now days is coming to drastic measures,
we have economic problems and its harder than ever,
gas prices rises to about five dollars a gallon,
working for just a little bit money is a challenge,
not to mention taxes, and bills that needs to be paid,
leaving you with just a dollar a day,
we try to save energy,
because global warming is our enemy,
its bad already, it's worse than it could ever be!
weather changes, it's hot and then cold,
rainy then sunny, who knows what's left to hold,
who's in control,
who control's the cycle,
we can prevent worlds end if we could just recycle,
something so simple,
can turn something big to so little,
or disappear it,
death, we all fear it,
different types of diseases fill the air that i walk beneath,
in the streets,
i see homeless sitting on the side holding signs,
asking for dollar and get a penny every other time.
If the world could just show concern and generosity,
then it could help us all to be,
one world, one piece, one family,
seems like my nightmare is reality,
in the world.

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