Who am I?

February 23, 2010
By Mikayla BRONZE, Nottingham, New Hampshire
Mikayla BRONZE, Nottingham, New Hampshire
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I'm that girl your parents say to stay away from
the one that hates the color pink and pigtails.
I'm that girl that always punches stuff
because she doesn't know how to express herself.

I'm the girl who doesn't have many real friends
because she scares them away
And I'm the one who's never had a boyfriend.
Don't ask her why on that one.

I'm the girl that yells at people in public
and screams what is probably the truth.
I stand up for what I want,
I might even fistfight for it.

I'm this girl, at school anyways...
so why don't I feel like her??
What if I actually LIKE pink
and ENJOY bubble baths.

What if I WANT a boyfriend,
or WANT to go to the spa.
I ENJOY pop music,
and hang posters of BOYS in my room.

Yet there's this image,
and as I walk down the halls,
It feels like it's stuck to me like glue,
as if I can't be myself.

Or anyone else.

The author's comments:
I wrote this awhile ago. I've changed, thankfully, for the better.

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