February 23, 2010
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I could taste the sweet and sour water that made my chapped lips burn,
As the droplet of water hit home,
I felt a small tear slide down my tilted head and off the tip of my nose,
It symbolized all that I would be giving away, all that I’d be dropping and leaving behind

Whispers flew around my head but I had gotten used to ignoring them,
Goodbyes were never easy, these were unimaginable, unprecedented,
I shivered as I visioned life without these important factors that made me who I was,
Because people were changing, so would I,

I didn’t want to turn away, and promise I’d keep in touch,
I didn’t want to see you rarely, more uncommon than a blue moon,
But I did, and I wish I had given you one more hug,
Took in the day with one last embrace, one last smile, one best friend

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