There Goes Your Family

February 23, 2010
By Pickles18 BRONZE, Waynesville, Missouri
Pickles18 BRONZE, Waynesville, Missouri
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"Carpe Diem!"

You left me here. Alone. No one to hear me scream or to see my tears. You said you cared, said I was your person. Then why treat me like crap? Why hurt my mother? These are questions I wish I could ask, but I know what you'll say. You'll blame it on me. Say its my fault she left you. Yes, I told her to because she can do better. You want a servant to wait on your hands and ugly feet. That's not my mom. She's independent. Strong, beautiful, and you couldn't keep her down. She raised me like her, and I won't put up with your crap anymore. This dragonfly is flying away from you. Away from what you've done, from what you've said. You can't hurt me because I'm gone. And so is she.

The author's comments:
My father has always been a jerk. Abusive verbally and physically. My mom divorced him and he blamed it on me. Said I whined to her too much, but she made the decision herself.

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