</3 Burning Out </3

February 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Time is ranning out. Getting so deep in. I thought you was everything i've always wanted. Dating you was my dream came true slowly my love for you is burning out. Love is just like a candle burning out and it's unrelightable
so my live is almost burned out. Yet you see me as your own little angel. Yet i am so far from that now. I truely use to love you at one time you was my everything. Now it's a sloely burning out canddle. After the first time you broke my heart i'll never truely love you the same wasy again. Nw my love is almost completely burned out. And theres nothing you can do you can do to make the love came back because we have a burning out love and its UNRELIGHTABLE.

The author's comments:
This is how i feel about a boy that broke me heart and i comparted it to unrelightable candle because if u get a candle wet you cant light it again same with love if you break the trust is gone and its kinda pointless to try to relight an unrelightable candle (aka: love)

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