Such an Overstatement.

February 23, 2010
By Raybie. BRONZE, Johnsburg, Illinois
Raybie. BRONZE, Johnsburg, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Life's not a garden so don't be a ho."

I place my hands on her shoulders.
This can’t happen, not to her.
She’s Ariana,

Sweet like candy, soft as a feather, even a bit vulnerable.

It makes her, her.
And it makes her someone I wish I could be with.
But she’s so distant.

Lost in a vast sea, mistaken for a dark sea, even a bit outspoken.

“Ariana.” I gripped her shoulders tighter.
I don’t know what to say, that she needs to stop?
That she should open up to me?

Unspoken the words are useless, vocalized she may take them wrong.

A hand slide up to her neck,
My thumb clearing away the tears.
I want to tell her how absurd it is to have these feelings.

I know so little about her, but that little is the greatest.

But this? Can I deal with her like this?
Obscenity should be my middle name.
Since I am repulsive.

Changed, different, but that is what makes me like her.

I will accept her, be with her.
I held her head up, and stared into her sad grey eyes.
“Oh sweetie” I said softly.

Would she mind if she heard my words?

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