February 23, 2010
By mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I’ve been here before
But somehow im lost again
Im on my knees
And somehow feel small again
I had control
But somehow i lost it against my will
Got smashed in the face
Again, for your thrill

I fall again over and over
I keep on trying
But I never win
I back down
Then im back in

No matter where
It never turns out the way I’ve planned
I fall on my face
God picks me up
Im saved by his hand

I get smacked down again

I hate you forever
You laugh, spit in my face
You say that you love me
Say that you care
And I see it
But you push me around
Im at the end of my limit

Im praying for love
Praying for mercy
I will not fight again
I cannot I will not
Be like you
I have to I will choose the path of love

God I pray for forgiveness
Don’t let this pain go on anymore
I can’t stand his presence
Or what he’s done to me
And much less still
What he’s done to him

Im falling and I cant get up
Ive been here before
But I stumble again

Ive lived through it once
Ill survive again

But this time Im turning to you
This time you’ll see me through
This time im listening to you
Be my strength

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