I wish you cared

February 23, 2010
By AmaamZ SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
AmaamZ SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
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You said you where there for me You said you where there for him There for us Forever
And always
You said you would be there to pick us up when we were down
But you left us
You walked away without looking back as if you didn’t care about the pain it caused us

As if you no longer cared what happened to us
As if you had no regret for what you were doing
When we saw you again
You were different
We still mattered to you
You still cared for us
But only because you felt you had to
You put yourself first
But you were after the spotlight You wanted to be noticed
You would do anything for it
Just like we would do anything for you to notice us
Once we couldn’t provide the spotlight for you
You left when you said you wouldn’t
he didn’t know you yet
But I loved you then no matter what you did
When we visited you
We didn’t see you
Not really
There was always someone there Someone different every time
Your walls covered in pictures of the both of you on an adventure You knew them for a month or two You knew them more than you knew us
There were no pictures of us on your walls
Not one of us together
Not one picture of us at all
I used to love you
I used to want to see you
Now it’s forced
I no longer care for you
I no longer want to see you
But I still think of you……
I hate the way you make me care that you left us
I hate the way you make me feel the pain you caused me
I hate that despite it all I can’t hate you
I want to
I can’t
No matter what I do I still feel the pain as if its new
I don’t want to feel it
I don’t want to know you
I don’t want to remember you
I don’t want to wish that, even with all I know about you,………
I wish you cared
I wish you cared enough to try
I wish you loved me
She says you’ll want to care about me
It will be too late then
It’s too late now

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