February 23, 2010
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But not from the cold,
Tearing up,
But not for why one would assume,

You make my life so complicated,
You cause all its drama,
And I hate you for that,
But when you asked me if I do,
All I could do was ask you,
Have you given me enough reason?
You have,
But do I listen?
I don’t…

Broken and empty you left me,
Shattered and alone I stand,
You didn’t seem to care then,
So why now?

Fall back on me when you’re hurting,
Leave me on the floor when you’re doing well,
Things didn’t work out with her,
So what?

Why should I drop what I had and take you back?
All of your drama?
I can hold out on my own,
I don’t need you.

But I’m not at my best,
And I haven’t been since you left,
I’ve been broken and fake,
Even to myself,
Because deep down I know,
Your love is what I desire…
No matter how poisonous.

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