Put Yourself in My Shoes

February 23, 2010
By , Coralville, IA

What’s left for you to say,
When you’ve said every thing you can,

What else can you offer,
When you’ve lent both of your hands,

What do you do,
When you’ve lost the only one to rely on,

And at the same time,
You lost the only shoulder you had to cry on,

What if you knew the feeling of losing,
By one stroke over par,

What if you had a family,
That doesn’t except you for who you are,

What if they told you the sky was the limit,
One day you could reach the stars,

But really they set it up,
So you could never reach the bar,

What if every day you get home,
You sit there and you cry alone,

Because no matter where you go,
You’re the one under the microscope,

This is serious,
No time for jokes,

Have you ever had to wait,
For officers to say it time to go,

Have you ever been blamed,
For a crime you didn’t commit,

Because you know the rule of streets,
And you could die if you snitched,

Life is a trip,
So I hope you watch your step,

Because as soon as you blink your eyes,
You might take a permanent rest,

Now all you can do is ask yourself,
“What if this were my life,”

Well I just introduced you to MINE

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