Encounter with Death

February 23, 2010
By DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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On a dark night when the clock had not struck twelve yet
Where the road closes to a narrow strip
That’s when, whilst walking I came upon a shadow
Iw was a red so dark, it seemed a never ending abyss
I looked up and saw it’s owner had it’s head turned away
And I stood there, and It stood there
We stood there in eternal dead silence
Suddenly it turned to me and raised it’s hooded head
It was not a face that haunts the nightmares of men
For IT had no face!
Yet I could feel ever so the weight of it’s gaze
And I could see in the fabric of it’s cloak
Tortured men and women and all sorts of pains
And I knew it was not of the living
For it held a gleaming scythe
And it’s name was DEATH
And so we stood, Death and i
We stared in eternal dead silence
And at last, I bowed low
For it is every fool’s knowledge
He should not defy Death
So we stepped forward, at the same time
Continued while the moon gleamed insanely above
And Death and I passed each other on our way
On that narrow strip upon which the moon shone
Through the blood soaked ground
And went our separately united ways

The author's comments:
listening to voltaire (the singer)inspired this

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