Dance dead girl dance

February 23, 2010
By heather argeneau GOLD, Highland Falls, New York
heather argeneau GOLD, Highland Falls, New York
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u dance on the graves as if u were still alive
till the harsh reality dawns on u that ur really dead
u stop dancing on the grave u turn ur head to look at the tomb stone
u stand there in shock as u read ur name aloud
the world starts to twirl n ur being sucked into the ground
u beg to change ur ways if u get the chance to live once more
the devil laughs because u were the last pawn in his scary game of life
ur in ur coffin begging for air clawing to get out
its ur worse nightmare come true
u can hear people kneeling n crying at ur grave because u were so younge
u start to cry n scream for help just wishing that they would hear u n save ur poor soul
as the years go by after hearing family n friends coming and going to ur grave crying
u find out that after tormenting so many loved ones that ur punishment is to hear ur loved ones cry over and over again
the only thing u can do is sit in ur guilt n anger till the day u can finally find peace

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