A Long Lost Memoy; Found Once More

February 23, 2010
A Long Lost Memory; Found Once More.

A girl has an imagination
where the sky is the limit
She believes in true love and happy endings.
She can’t wait for her true loves first kiss.

Along the silent beach she walks
And hears the fish’s whispers,
sharing the secrets of the sea.
She now seeks the treasures of the unknown.

Into a world over the rainbow,
where leprechauns and gnomes are enemies.
Still this day they dispute over the gold.

Or when she dreams of being a fairy,
with wings that glow and a face that sparkles,
with enchanting beauty and her craving
for any world but


She believes she’s magical
and has powers of the extraordinary.
With a wave of her wand she has her hearts desire.
A hat that is too big for her sits atop her head,
but still refuses to take it off

She laughs; she lives, and is always vibrant.
I beseech for her carefree personality.
She’s six years old and she





My daughter makes me feel young.
She has reminded me of what I so long ago forgot,
that I once myself had an imagination.
But she gave it back to me.

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