change in heart

February 23, 2010
I used to be a lover, I used to show comassion to each and every friendly or broken face. Now I just pass them all by, silently hoping they don't see me. My heart used to be warm and fuzzy, now it's cold and hard. A smile is rare on my face. More often seen are tears rolling down my cheeks. All i feel now is pain, as i remember the good and the bad. My heart is shattered on the ground like glass. But does he notice what he's done? Does he even care? I'm starting to believe that the world of men looks at me in only one way. As a big toy doll, made just for them to play with and torture. When they are donewith me they just rip out my tiny plastic heart, to throw me out the window and onto the highway to be ran over by the rest of the world.

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