The Inevitable

February 23, 2010
By Anonymous

You think I'm an automaton; your pathetic little robot,
I too think I have to be.
I nod and agree; I go along and concede,
I am your reflection, just as you always expected me to be.
You say jump, so I bound,
However usually into the dark.
But even with no light I would rather live, than with your wrath.
Yet even as your mirror image I still seem unrecognisable to you,
Who is me? Who are you? Say your disillusioned eyes.
Don't worry about me though, because from under your thumb I'll emerge, ever the phoenix.
I'll surprise you, so watch me - if you can.
I'll grow and I'll bloom,
My confidence will boom,
Even though it was you, who said I would always be underwhelming.
All I can say is watch this space,
And this day or the next you'll be forced to look into my face.

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