The boy on the curb

February 22, 2010
Poem 1
A boy stands on a curb
When a girl walks by 
He trys to be sly
By using a cheesy pick up line  
Then asking them out and for their number
But always he gets reject 
And doesn't have hope of getting a date
He sits down on the curb 
He swallows sadness
trying to perk himself up
Losing all hope he just sits there
He waits 
     He thinks
          He waits some more
He waits for nothing 
Thinking about not even close to everything
A girl walks by 
But he does nothing 
She walls away 
This keeps repeating
Five times in fact 
But he still does nothing
He looks up in sadness
Down in despair
Left in misery 
But right in hope 
A girl is walking towords him
Taking long strides with her long legs
Strides that take her closer to him
He steps in front of her 
Blocking her way
She looks down and flicks her eyes at him brefly every so often 
But he is too shy to say anything 
The girl speaks up
Home come you have stepped in front of me
You gonna ask me out
Cause you see
I have walked by five times to make you ask 

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