Not everything was lost in the fire

February 22, 2010
Poem 2
Once I first saw her I had to talk to her
We lived on different sides of town
And neither of us belonged 
I took the courage and said hey
She looked at me and didn’t say anything
It got awkward so i walked away
But I knew I had to try again

I walked 17 miles to the other side of town
When I turned the corner a house was in flames 
It was theirs and I knew I would never see her again
I cried as I watched the house burn into dust
Firefighters surrounded me trying to extinguish it
But they couldn’t…
They said everyone died inside
I cried even more

I stood around the black dust with smoke around me
And I still cried
A voice was yelled hey you 
And I turned around and there she was
She was crying and so was I

I asked her where she was
She told me she went to my house to see me again………

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