Delinquent Girl

February 22, 2010
Fear rinses through my body
in hand cuffs into the court room
They all glare at me intensely
And i want to cry
But i don't
with a slam of his hammer
he screams in my face
And what am I to say?
I am.
Stuttering, stammering tripping on my words
"B-b-u-t-t I...I"
What can i say?
A juvenile delinquent
and y'know?
The detention center is almost like home
how wrong is that?
A kick in my back as i'm thrust in the car
"Miss Charlotte, Miss Charlotte
look what you've done."
"Yes, Yes." I nod
"I'm aware."
And how does this story end?
Just as every fairy tale should
In a small white room
in an orange jump suit
Yay me

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