if anyone steals this ill be so mad!!!

February 22, 2010
hearts sunken into the ground
a thousand lives gone
and you dont make a sound
look in the mirror
the enemy's won
nothing could be clearer
true love with a gun

vanity disintegrates
in the blink of an eye
souls in tattered states
while you wish you could fly

too stuck in this hole
you dug yourself in
climbing out is the goal
harder than it's ever been

while you walk quite alone
down the ancient, ashen street
no places to go
or people to meet

look to the stars
for guidance in a cold world
we strive to go far
as our futures are unfurled

no matter how distant
this universe may take us
you shall always be existent
as my love; to you i bade
though to this empty lonely life
one must acquiesce
for when under the blade
of a solitaire knife
one can only reminisce

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