Part Of the Sky

February 22, 2010
By , Cenntenial, CO
You watched from far away
Never knew what to say
Always swept your hair into your eyes
Shielding me from your soul
You smiled timidly
Never showing more than a faint amusement
You never said a word
Walked the halls
As if you were part of the floor
Nothing more than something to be stepped upon
You overflow
With tides of guilt
Memories that will always haunt you
Shadows that attach themselves to you
Puppet strings
Grew out of your back
You no longer control your actions
Trapped and imprisoned under the puppeteer’s commands
You let the threads come loose
Reveal the war inside that is you
The battle you fight everyday
You try your damn hardest
To watch from far away
And never become part of the crowd
Never let your words be heard
You let your hair
Cover your eyes
Shielding the world from your broken soul

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