Tears Of Blood

February 22, 2010
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Tears of Blood

It’s all in my head
The lights
Or lack thereof.
The music-
A classical piece.
Beethoven? Bach?
The candles
The storm
With your wise smile
And transparent soul
That I could see
I loved you once
You know that
You look at me,
With such…greed.
Like I’m your prey.
Now you just have to trap me
And I’m yours.
You lunge for me
Fast and furious
I yelp and scream.
But it’s no use.
You strangle and suffocate me.
You ravish me
In your hands
Make me cry
And moan in pain.
I beg you to stop.
But you don’t listen.
As you rob me
Of my innocence.
After your cry
You roll away from me
As you try to hold me
And show me tenderness
I turn away,
The blood seeping from my body.
And silent tears fall.
Tears of blood.

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