little one

February 22, 2010
By chloejeanTM SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
chloejeanTM SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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little one's laughter bounces off puddles
water droplets form grenades
and the shrapnel, bombs
bombs fall into the ocean
turning into submarines and then ships
ships carrying precious cargo
jewels, money, gold
money will be burnt
when the next ice age hits
keep warm top priority
dear mr. president
we have a priority one
bombs are falling
being dropped by hostile troops
they're after our jewels and gold
sirens going off
captain! we're taking on water!
submarines everywhere
firing missiles
oh god where's jack when you need him
don't worry i'll never let go
shh, dry your eyes little one
daddy will be home soon
he's just taking care
of the presidents priority one
children playing on the swings
count to one hundred
then it's your turn
jump off the swing, fly
hit the ground, hard, fast
fighter jets, take off
he whispers "pray for me little one"
the target, enemy ships
come with me rose, hurry
jack can't save you now
dear mr. president it's all over
ships and submarines
return home, rose too.
money is absent and the gold lost
little one's eyes dry
shh, it's okay he's in heaven now
captain, what next?
look for survivors
first class won't matter anymore
don't worry little one,
i'll never let go.

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