The Steady Chugging of Our Train

February 22, 2010
I hear the steady chugging,
Of the train that carries me.
I whisk away, enjoying the ride.

The mountains stately and snow-capped,
Soar through my window.
My eyes drink in their striking beauty,
Daring, not to blink.

Between those mighty mountains lie,
A valley of pure splendor.
With mountain streams,
Flying things,
And flowers of every breed.

Lilies, Poppies, and Daffodils
Climb up the subtle hill,
Rises the Sun in a cloudless sky.

We chugged along,
Through that flowered valley,
Under the serene, blue sky,
And into the Shadow ahead.

Once inside, it was pitch.
I froze in my place,
Afraid to move--
To fall.
I was help-less,
Powerless, against this force.

Dark had me in his iron grip.
I couldn't move.

I couldn't see, couldn't live,
A fifth of my senses stolen,
Held in Dark's steely grasp.

Dark and Time,
Allies, as Time stood still.
Refusing to budge,
Taunting me,
Keeping me in this lost state.

Hours seemed to go by,
But it was only <i>minutes</i>,
Days felt gone,
But it was only <i>seconds</i>.

Silence had fallen upon all the cars,
And all that was heard,
Was the steady chugging
Of our train.

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