Nothing But Shadows

February 22, 2010
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I'm nothing but a shadow.

Lurking in your wake.

Stalking through the bleak corridors of your mind.

Twisted, trembling.

Lost in the maze of darkness.

The debris of the depressed.

Dreaming to live and living to dream.

I'm fighting the blurred, fading line between

My dreams and your reality.

Fighting the only thing that can make us human-- our love.

I'm the kind that'll jump off the edge to prove that I can fly-- then fall.

But when your fingers fill the spaces between mine,

I soar higher than if God had given me

Wings of my own.

I remember all the times when I closed my eyes,

The sunlight falling onto my delicate eyelids.

The light.

The sound.

The air.

... The air.

Sure, we are nothing but shadows.

But even shadows dance.

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Panicgirl18 said...
Mar. 2, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Hey, girly. Just thought I'd let you know I'm on this contraption now (I know, I know, stealing your thunder). I do very much like this poem, too. :]
alisaysroar replied...
Apr. 2, 2010 at 9:06 pm
Really? And that's okay, let your voice be heard! And thank youuu <3
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