Biggest Thing

February 22, 2010
By Justtosubmit? GOLD, San Francisco, California
Justtosubmit? GOLD, San Francisco, California
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The Biggest thing is a new clock

We aren't ourselves, we're

New cells every several, every seven years

Made of star stuff


Not really living up to expectations

We breathe Hitler's ashes;

Atoms in every breath

It's been proven with science


Big things are numbers, one decade

First in a thousand, One asteroid,

One in 47,000 chance collision,

Million dollars, four years,

Best sellers, tallest houses

Horsepower kilowatts

Unquanitfiables cannot be contested

Metrics let them be tested

Bar graph love

Ph tested pies

How could we know the funniest joke

Without electrodes at our head?

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