February 22, 2010
By Justtosubmit? GOLD, San Francisco, California
Justtosubmit? GOLD, San Francisco, California
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One yellow tap on the shoulder

Five colors clattering off rooftops

Through the grates of fire escapes

Look up at plastic clouds

Perfect squares

Symmetrical, prismatic

Screensavers suspended

Blowing in from the Atlantic



Every color rains out

Cats and dogs think they're being stung.

Knife corners over every maple and hydrant

Childproof rattlesnake chattering

Over pillars, filling squares

Skin pinched in thin corners

Skipping from fountains

Cover the sun

Men don ski masks

Claim bread, shoes, pretty teens

Hide under veneers or red, blues, greens

Geometric rectangular rubble

Everything unclean.

The world is square now

Every block had a target

The world is interlocked

Plane of perfect bumps

Who could say how many blocks.

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