What is Love?

February 22, 2010
By Stonie BRONZE, Piedmont, South Carolina
Stonie BRONZE, Piedmont, South Carolina
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What is love, really

What does it mean?

Is is roses or candy on Valentine's?

Is it the way he makes you feel all the time?

Is love not being able to live without someone?

Is love a longing?

Is it wanting someone so much you can hardly stand it?

Is love crying on your pillow at night because he didn't call?

Is love knowing someone is wrong for you, but still wanting to be with that person all the time?

Is love good or bad?

Is it right or wrong?

Is love a special dance?

Is it your favorite song?

I think love is excitement

Love is not knowing what the future holds.

Love is never boring.

It's a rush

Love can control you

Love can make you do stupid and crazy things.

Love is the unknown.

Because who really knows what love is?

What is the definition of love?

Love is what you make it

The author's comments:
This is a poem written about my past experiences.

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