two worlds collide

February 19, 2010
Im sitting here,
In my hello kitty pajamas,
Thinking of what to write,
For now writers block is on my mind.
The light is shining,
About to die out,
The winds howling,
Like a wolf on a full moon night.
The howl echoes,
The birds fly up,
Sensing danger in their path.
Within the dark,
Many yelps and many snarls,
Are a reply to the howl,
That just pierced the silent night.
From the darkness emerges,
The leader of the pack,
His coat is shinning under
the full moon tonight.
The plans have been made,
The orders are given,
One by one they disappear,
Into the black abyss.
The morning light shone,
On the alpha-male,
And the howls were once again heard.
It is time,
The thought ran through every creatures mind,
While getting ready to attack.
Silently they stalk the prey,
Killing them one by one,
By the evening light,
Everything has quieted down,
The only sound heard were the silent cries.
Cries from the humans,
The children,
The wolves,
The victory howls arose.
It is night,
Finally time for bed,
I turn off the light,
I see it nearby,
The window just shuts,
And Im stuck in the dark.
A cold breeze from no where,
Has entered the room.
I sit on my bed,
Trying to figure everything out,
And I see something move,
My heart begins to beat,
Twice as fast as before,
And my blood ran cold.
The movement was fast,
And yet graceful at the same time.
I reach down,
Not knowing what to expect,
I feel warmth and fur?
So I begin to stroke it.
I look up,
Starring at me,
Are the sky blue eyes of a wolf,
They are full of hate,
Full of anger.
I always wonder how,
Something this beautiful,
Can be a vicious killer.
The figure moves once more,
And a silent scream escapes my throat.
The next mornings news read,
A girl by the age of 14,
Has died a tragic death.
She was found drenched in blood,
Her throat was slashed open,
Her hello kitty pajamas were torn.
Time of death,
When the moon was the brightest,
And when every creature of the night,
Could not resist the urge to hunt.
The way the young girl has died,
It was different,
Her eyes were full of tears,
Her mouth filled with blood,
And inside her fist,
Was a small portion of the fur,
White fur,
White as snow.
She was trying to tell us,
But everybody ignored her,
And soon,
Not long after her horrible death,
The deaths of others began,
First her enemy,
Then her friends,
And soon the whole human race,
Was extinct,
The wolves once again ruled,
The dark and cold world.
Im writing this now,
As a ghost,
To help the people later,
Not to make the same mistakes.
Listen to others,
Their voices may be small,
But what they have to say might help you someday.
Now good-bye,
My work here is done,
And everybody who died,
Can now move on,
But please dont forget this,
And dont ever ignore,
Any and everyone around you,
Who might be the voice of the wolves.
They tried to warn you.
Did YOU listen?

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