February 21, 2010
I just left the world, Left the side, Of my beloved savior. I left my life, And vanished, Into the unknown.
I'm being drawn back, I wonder whats happening. I feel my soul going back, I feel my body all around me. I hear him beside me, He's crying for me.
Then i feel my heart beat, I hear my intake of breath. I open my eyes, And i see him, He's laying down over me. I hold up my hand, And touch him on the cheek.
He stops crying and looks up, He sees me staring at the. He sees my hand, He says my name, I say his back. He huggs me with relief.
I bring his teary face to mine, And i kiss him gently. He responds and kisses me back. I tell him that i love him, And he tells me the same.
I won't ever leave, Not like that again. I'm goin to stay by him, Until the time comes again. The day we leave, Is the day we leave earth, Together and forever.

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