End of the World?

February 21, 2010
By Anonymous

The world’s gone crazy as we know
That’s why countless children sleep in the snow
Our world won’t end without a fight
neither will this be solved in one night.

Under one currency for all who die
Our world is unraveling by one man’s cry
His voice directs which way we’ll go
He must be stopped, I yell no.

Are Pakistan and Israel working together?
Is a temple of doom really the center?
They’ll tear us down brick by brick
Only to remain will be a burnt wick.

Medical records in your wrists
Are as bad or worse than 666
Try to take them out and there you go
Leave them be and only God will know.

Who is a man we can trust?
Only God our Father and that is a must
Leave him be and where will you go?
Down to the fiery pits way below.

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