The Guardian's Watch

February 21, 2010
By , Dyersburg, TN
North, south, east, west,
So spins the compass rose,
The Guardian awakes from rest,
And follows where it goes.
From mountain peak among the clouds,
To ocean valley fathoms down,
Hidden by mist's cool shrouds,
She ushers in the dawn.
Standing on the highest peak,
Watching the world awake,
Waiting for the one she seeks,
To a journey take.
But the Companion does not come today,
And other matters call,
Evil must be kept at bay,
And good must never fall.
Perhaps he comes with next morn's light,
Or in a span of years,
Perhaps he now takes up the fight,
Or is healed by phoenix tears.
But for now the compass rose calls,
And the battle begins anew,
Until the sun's light palls,
And comes the one she knew.

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