February 20, 2010
By NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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I'm crazy about the air at nightime,
how it's always so cool and smells like absolutely nothing,
and how all your words seem to be yours
alone, echoing through your head as an afterthought, long after they slip past your lips.
When I breathe in at nightime I usually feel this sinking, empty, completely
complete sensation in the pit of my throat and I don't know whether to weep or laugh cacophonously. My head swims with questions about life,
about death,
about everything that I could possibly want to know,
and then I don't want to know anything at all,
and the whirling in my head stops and the dust clears for a second,
and I get this perfect clarity of nothingness.
And then the whirling starts up again
and I forget everything that existed when everything stopped and I knew anything at all.
Usually I just feel empty,
complete at night, and during daytime I feel nothing in the pit of my throat,
my head just tells me how I should feel.
I'm crazy about the nightime air.

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