refreshing revelation

February 20, 2010
By Zoe_Nightshade SILVER, Racine, Wisconsin
Zoe_Nightshade SILVER, Racine, Wisconsin
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Coming to the waters edge
dipping my toes in
shifting my weight forward
testing the pureness of the water

walking back from the dip realizing i crave more
I spin around in a blink of an eye toward the stream taking in the sun that's warming my very soul

running towards all the joy i've ever known jumping towards the sun touching it and embracing then it gently lets me go

I feel the pressure of the water as I come down but it's not a frantic pull down but a playful tug
caressing me

as I'm about to resurface I see someone else swimming with me
in fact it's someone I've known all of my life and yet this is the first time I've seen him

but I'm certain that it's him
the one who brought me here

taking my first breath and throwing my head back and shouting his name

I look to him and see the sun
I realize he is the sun
he is everything
he is all the joy I've ever known and need

He savior

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