February 20, 2010
By bullyrabbit BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
bullyrabbit BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"To say Beauty is Truth and stop.
Rather than to eat it.
Rather than to want to eat it. This was my pure early thought."

company is kept plain
desert snow
this house
i could say
is full of strangers
loved by maybe obligation
depending on how you look at it
within a ghost
carefully eating in a bath
kept lukewarm
skin echoing necessity
the page flipped
a book drowning air
destitute sky pressing in

the ground
littered by ringlets of peels
of tangerines popping
in blue light
a screeching stove

lover, be sweet

as if hiding in a car
traveling make-do of the verb
to live
hair fixed for romance
tangled in a milkshake often
called a beverage
gripping a cup of coffee
lips blue and ivory
raised unfaithful
treading silence in tongue
in teeth
cupped breast admired
from afar


at a certain point
her daughter began to
contemplate death

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