Valentine's Day...part two

February 20, 2010
Sometimes "I love you" just isn't enough
when the boundaries are cold, and tattered, and rough
I remember those words and they'll fill me up.
Does "love" fill in all the gaps in a name?
Does it feed off of bitterness, or anger, or hate?
He tells me that I have problems thinking things through,
and I know that, and surely I do.
but love's got me puzzled,
it's fickle and 'fide.
I just wish I could tell him how he makes me feel inside...
ach, through the rabble and din
Of the everyday inn
I can hear only one voice,
and that voice is his.
And when all of our ways of communication are blocked,
I think we have something the others do not.
For our love will never die, or rot -
As long as "I love you" stands firm and stands taut..
"I love you" just maybe, just might be enough...
As an afterthought, I'll add, that admitting that is tough.

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