February 20, 2010
disjointed- each piece its own,
a sardine can of multiple personalities.

hymned with the sing of the pen,
neighbours compromised,
spine straightened,
every page simmered with the snap of heated neurons.

what a precarious undertaking, book.
to shadow black bloated mountains
to skim the skyline of newsprint towers
to drown yourself in inky waters.

angles and curves, snares,
lapping licks of intellect,
curiousity gnawing its imprint
suckling and begging at attention.

Oh, book-
Oh, to lose and win-
to going where the fine lines of losing and winning are dissolved into ink,

oh, to ink-
to the straightest drug, to hymning pens into your veins,
to warring opinions, to taking back prisoners, to wrestle with neutrality, falling back out of pages like falling from a thousand heights...

oh, to writing...

-to reading

-to book.

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