Song of Togetherness

February 20, 2010
By LivyFay BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
LivyFay BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
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You lie across my bed
How odd it is, how you fit so well,
arms clasped behind your head,
music escapes from your lips
"Lie down next to me,
can you see the stars?"

I lay my body,
its curvature fits into your side with a ballerinas
And as i hear you heart,
and as i see your eyes,
and as i breathe your air,
i look up to the ceiling
searching the blankness for the stars you say are there.

You turn to me
and my hear beat accelerates,
and i am filled with butterflies,
is it possible you feel the same?
is it within reach to you that this is something
more than we've heard of?
can you feel the passion channeling from my lips
into yours?

its more than a brush of skin
i'm enchanted by your presence,
blessed with your love
i let your words crash down like waves into my heart,
im taking it all in
then feeling it all again.

then i slip my hand in yours
out of habit perhaps,
or an impulse to be yours,
an excuse to touch you,
a combination of excitement and beauty,
"lie down next to me"
your hot breath dances around my ear
but somehow, i shiver
"can you see the stars?"

i look up again
and i see the first time i saw you
and the second
and the third
i spy our first kiss,
then see a familiar smile,
noticing a tree embraced with ski marks,
crisscrossing around it.
i spy lyrics to our song
and our feet stepping on each other's as we dance,
i see a dinner we've shared,
laughter i swapped in exchange for
i see now,i see us.

and i turn back to you,
press my cheek to yours.
"i can see the stars."

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