your cross.

February 20, 2010
ever since you were
i have worn your necklace
your cross

the silver glistens at my throat
both the
cross and the chain
are cool on my neck

you forgot to wear it
that fateful day
i was going to give it to you
before it was too late

then the plane came
crashing to the building
killing not only the people on the plane
but you too

the cross and chain will never tarnish
from my salty tears
they will never be lost
for i will wear it always

a cross
similar to the one around my neck
marks your spot
in the graveyard

i go there
to talk
mainly about
how much i miss you

we've been through tough things before
i can get through this right?
only before
i had you

now you are gone
and mama and papa weep
when they think
im not listening

i know you are there
but still watching
over us

thank you.

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