The Horizon

February 20, 2010
By TheCasualty BRONZE, Moorestown, New Jersey
TheCasualty BRONZE, Moorestown, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
To call yourself a victim, is not to understand.

We can go to the beach and dance under the stars; we can pick out which one is ours.

While the rush of the waves seem to slow life down, times not a factor...when it's just us around.

And you say my eyes have never looked so bright.
I replied, "It's just the moonlight."

The night is so exciting, a quest to be explored.
We've realized breaking curfew doesn't matter anymore.

You took my hand and said "lets go."
I asked "where?" but you wouldn't let me know.

In the car, we sailed over to 9th, took the bride and made a right.

From there it was a blur, as i fell silent.
Watching the lights, as they fell behind me.

before you knew it we were there.
Nothing but sea, and the break of the horizon to fill the gentle air.

I realized we were back, right where we started.
Confused and sleepy, i began to wonder...

But i looked at you and took the hint, and was amazed at your idea.

The night was gone, it was just me and you, watching the sunrise...
On the horizon...

The author's comments:
This was written for my boyfriend Jason. We both love the beach, and in the dead of winter it's hard not to miss it. So I figured, i'd place both of us in the future, and on a piece of paper :)

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