My Love

February 20, 2010
By Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
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Are you my love?
Are you the guy i wait to call me?
When i am with you,
Do i get so lost in your eyes,
That i lose track of time.
Are you the one that makes me feel safe at night?
Are you guy that i trust with my heart and soul?
The one i want to be with every moment of every day,
Because when i am with you,
All my troubles just melt away.
Are you the one that makes me laugh after a bad day?
Are you the guy i want to spend the rest of my life with?
Because you are the only one that i can see myself with,
The one i don't want to be mad at,
Even if you were wrong.
Are you the one i've been waiting for?
Are you the guy that wants to be my first, my last, and my forever?
Because you feel the same way that i feel about you,
The one who doesn't hide his feelings.
Who isn't afraid to express himself the best way he knows how.
Are you the one who knows my insecurities, my fears, and my true feelings?
Are you the guy that knows what i like?
The one i want to be there for me,
The one i depend on for answers,
The one i need that needs me too.
Are you the one i am waiting for?
Are you my love?

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