At Its End

February 20, 2010
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Driving, full force,
Down our own roads of excistence,
Pressing on, forward,
Through the sun filled days,
And moon lit nights.
At any momment,
The breath can go.
At any momment,
The road will end.
Some cars screech to a hault,
Of their own free will.
Other ease to a stop,
As they slowly break down.
But your road I thought,
It went so much farther then mine.
But today, its much different,
That road has come to an end.
My car begs and squeals,
Wiiahing to stop,
To be thrown in reverse, full speed,
But these cars can only go one way,
So for now I sit in idle,
Knowing your road has ended.

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Annabelle L. said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 6:23 pm
this is so sad.
Its really great writing. You can really feel the poem... like, I feel like it's ME who's rushing down that road... and maybe it is, wanting so much to see the future and all.
But then you also kind of feel like yours is the road that is ended...
I guess you have to live your life while you can.
And always remember those who have gone before.
TJ21992 replied...
Mar. 26, 2010 at 10:20 am
Thanks I'm glad it had the impact that I wanted to accomplish. I wrote this when my 19 year old best friend died.
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