My once ago friend

February 20, 2010
By Mana7 BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
Mana7 BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
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As I picked up a lonely flower from the earth
I thoughtfully pulled a delicate petal
As I was doing so, I reminisced over you
My once ago friend who vanished
With no farewell leaving me behind
To sink to drown in my memories
Of your existence
My once ago friend, I thought of you
As if you were greater than a field of gold
I would swim in the deepest ocean
To keep the closeness between us
My once ago friend I smiled for you
Even though you cared for me weakly
In return for my kindness to you

As I came back to reality
The wind began to blow swiftly
Causing my delicate petal to drift away
Leaving me behind as I watched it
Move on neglecting the past
I now realized that I should do the same

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