The Questions

February 20, 2010
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As I thrift myself to sleep
I think what I could of done differently
Was it all my fault? Or his too?
As I wake up every morning
Thinking this day can’t be as worse as the last
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this the kind of pain I have to carry every single day?
Everyday for the rest of my life?
As I walk by him through the halls
I see him starting at me through the corner of his eyes
Can he see my pain? Can he sense it?
How long do I have to hide the pain?
Months? Days? Years?
I can feel my heart ripping more and more
every time I see him
Did he mean it? Everything…Everything that he said?
Cause I sure meant everything I said
As I face him everyday, I shear a single tear
I can feel it rolling down my cheeks
And going everyday not be able to show what I am feeling
Is a pain in my a**!
I can’t take it, all this pain! Everyday.
How far can I go?
That’s my question, the questions that might not be answered

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