February 20, 2010
By , Scottsdale, AZ
putting up the white flag
a signal that I give up
worked so hard to keep everything in order
but of course it falls apart
trying to help others that don't say thanks
forgetting about myself and my goals

Hiding the alcohol,
don't want to see the demon tonight
The knifes,
No more blood will be drawn
Faking sleep, that does nothing
constantly getting up to tell the
demons to go away

Tears hitting the floor,
choking behind the mask of fake cheer
Friends, they don't help
they don't understand they'll never know
the pain that's inside tearing the soul apart

No longer part of every day life,
walking the opposite direction
of everyone else
Finding a quite place to just cry
weep for the life that can never be fixed

I've done everything I could do for you,
what have I've done for myself?
Nothing, I no longer exist

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