Scarlet Tears

February 19, 2010
By , Owensboro, KY
As I read the words you wrote to me,
when you cut the smooth satin of your wrist,
As I go over the words you said to me,
when you breathed your last breath,
you sent a knife straight through my heart,
why didn’t I notice?
the signs had been there from the start,
your kiss,
pure bliss,
I didn’t get one before you died,
I still can’t forgive you,
Even though you apologized.
As I think of you,
I feel the first bloody tear begin to flow,
As I wonder if our love was true,
More scarlet tears come,
They flow a red waterfall,
I remember you as being tall.
As the tears flow,
They leave behind their pretty red trail,
That tells they story of the day you fell.
I don’t know why you chose to end it like that,
And I never will,
The knife is still in my heart,
And I realize now that this is only the start,
But I want you to know,
Every time the tears flow,
I think of your last words “I love you”
And wonder if there true.

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