I wish

February 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I wish it was easier,
I wish I could stop the tears,
I wish I could stop the blood,
I wish icould stop the pain,
the constant stinging,
of all the times I messed up,
I wish I could end it all,
my strain against the world,
I wish I could get out,
but I'm to deep,
to dig myself out,
of this messed up place I've fallin into.
Even as I am screaming,
I don't ask for help,
I don't ask for forgiveness,
I don't ask to be remembered,
I ask ever so softly,
to be free at last,
of the burden you built,
Is that to much to ask for?
To much to hope for?
Even after all that I have done,
I get nothing in return.
My eyes burn from unshed tears,
I can't breathe right,
choking on regret,
The one thing I want,
is the one thing I need,
the one thing I want,
is the only thing I have ever asked for,
please do this for me,
this one thing,
this small favor,
make it end,
just for me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this at a more desperate time of feelings. This is the only way to let them out.

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