Love is a Strange thing

February 19, 2010
By JustBeingME SILVER, New Bedford, Massachusetts
JustBeingME SILVER, New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Why can't i feel what they feel?
I have never experienced such a emotion,
A feeling which my peers seem to be taken by,
How can they be so infatuated with someone,
All they can do is think about them,
They can't stand NOT to be with them,
Is this really love?
Maybe just hormonal obsession
This obsession or love,
Is it really worth it?Is it worth all the rivers tears? all the cuts that run soul deep? all the burns in your fragile heart? and all the scars you are left with in the end?
"loving" someone,
Just gives them the power to break you in two,
then you are left to pick up the pieces,
But like with broken glass,
They never fit just right,
Which is why I won't fall in love.
I won't let myself be so vulnerable.
Not so weak.
Fear of never being whole,
After they leave... Because they always seem to.

The author's comments:
I was inspired because I never listen to my emotions and feelings. I wanted to write how I feel about experiencing a powerful emotion such as love and how it frightens me.

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