February 19, 2010
By , Fairfield, CT
My name is not important
Go ahead forget it
Just please remember me

My name is not important
But the time we played scrabble is
Laughing so hard we nearly choked
A bond was quickly formed

My name is not important
But that bond we share is
I used to call it unbreakable
But has it broken now?

My name is not important
You have forgotten it already
And I pear into your eyes
Did you forget me too?

My name is not important
But ill tell you what is
All our games of scrabble
All the shared laugh
Every wiffle ball battle
Every time we said
I love you

Has it all vanished?

So go on, grandpa
Forget my name
Must you forget me too?
Must you forget that bond we shared
Not too long ago

I miss you

Your soul

The way you used to laugh

But now you just sit there

You don’t know who I am

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